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 West Virginia Landscape Paintings
Linda Elmer & Jeannine Romano | September 13 - February 5


Linda Elmer

Elmer has been painting for more than 41 years, predominantly in watercolors, acrylics, and ink. She has won two Best of Shows Awards including the Mountain State Forest Festival, and is in the permanent collections of Bethany College, Shepherd University and Davis Trust. Elmer’s artwork has been in exhibitions in Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, numerous juried exhibitions in West Virginia, and a Tamarack artist. Her formal training has all been about her love of art. She has a bachelor’s of arts and journalism education degree from Fairmont State University and a master’s of arts degree with an emphasis in painting from West Virginia University plus 45 graduate hours beyond master’s.

Artist Statement:

When I have an idea for a painting, I start with a good photo. Strong light source, NO Flash. I then do an underpainting in warm tones that resembles my value study. It is important to have a good drawing under the painting so you can concentrate on letting the paint "flow", rather than fixing elements as you go. 

Jeannie Romano

I enjoy the creative process that allows me to express my thoughts in a positive way. I also firmly believe that children are naturally creative, and need a space to stretch their imaginations and grow. On the other end of the spectrum, I've found that the folks who are most vibrant and engaged in later life have often kept their creative spark alive by passing it on to others. It is these folks who have led me on the path I am taking, trying to wear my (rather large: size 10) Red Shoes in the parade of life.  Author Julia Cameron wrote "Art does not exist in a vacuum". Our life experiences with others feeds our creativity. Every day, I meet people and their families who inspire and teach me how very blessed I am. Among my many blessings is my husband who gives me support and chocolate, builds me up, keeps me grounded, and is the love of my life. We share two amazing children who have managed to grow into responsible adulthood in spite of the fact that they did not come with instruction manuals. There is nothing more valuable than a good teacher, and I have met many artists who shared their vision and helped me to develop my own way to get my thoughts onto the paper. I try to keep my creative flow going by doing something each day that feeds my imagination. I use the "Why NOT?" approach and try to develop skills to bring my ideas to life. In this way, I have discovered paper crafting, beading, sculpting, writing "word paintings", and many other means of expression. 

Artist Statement:

I love the challenge of depicting its congestion and busyness of lights, shapes and moving people. I want to show the narrative quality of people in a particular moment in time. The viewer then speculates as to what is happening.

Daylight (1).png

Artist Proposal Information

1.  Download the Proposal for Exhibition Packet below

2.  Mail, fax, or email the required information. 

3.  If you have any questions, please contact Volunteer Gallery Coordinator, Rita Montrosse: ritamontrosse@yahoo.com

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