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Rotunda Art Gallery

The Rotunda Gallery is open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm.* 

Ginger Danz

Artist Statement

Danz’s celebrated use of color and unique way of building texture combine with organic shapes in these abstract paintings, which are larger in scale than most of her previous work. Danz builds these pieces using layers of paper, acrylic mediums, charcoal and paint, giving each painting a rich history while remaining part of a cohesive body of work.


In Reclamation, Danz explores a complex subject, the female experience in our culture.

This series of paintings grew out of internal shifts sparked by the MeToo movement. She began to think and reflect on her own experiences through a different lens; what it means to be an aging woman in our society, and the confusing double standards that still exist. She also recognized a lifetime of minimizing her own reactions, laughing off sexism, trying not to make waves. A cultural conversation has opened, and she feels a deeper link to other women as we begin owning and voicing our stories.

“To me these paintings embody the feminine spirit, rich in depth, texture and color. I share these interior landscapes with the hope of sparking conversations about the changing landscape of gender in today’s world” -Danz

Artist Biography

Ginger Danz is a professional artist living in Fayetteville, West Virginia. Originally from Indiana, Danz has called West Virginia home since 1998. She volunteers her time as a middle school art teacher at the New River Gorge Learning Co-op and is a board member for the Fayetteville Arts Coalition. Her art can be found at many southern West Virginia galleries, including RiffRaff Arts Collective in Princeton, David L. Dickinson and the Beckley Art Center in Beckley, Art Emporium and Apartment Earth in Charleston, and at less conventional but very groovy venues like Cathedral Cafe in Fayetteville, Tip Top Coffee in Thomas, and The French Goat in Lewisburg.

*Rotunda may be closed during these hours for private events.

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