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Accessibility at CMC

CMC strives to provide any accommodation that is readily achievable under the ADA policies and regulations and will make reasonable allowances to make those accommodations available so that all individuals may equally enjoy and participate in all CMC events. Scroll down to view additional information about accommodations. If you require additional assistance, please contact CMC staff.


The Chuck Mathena Center is fully ADA compliant. Handicapped parking is located to the right of the building  (as you face the building), adjacent to the barrier-free building entrance. The lobby and restrooms are designed to allow for adequate and comfortable access. The theatre entrances and hallways are spacious and whenever possible, CMC allows early seating for those with additional needs.


Rows K & L in the CMC theatre are stair-free, and Row L is equipped with removable seats to accommodate for wheelchairs. These seats are available for purchase online or through the CMC box office. Please only purchase handicap accessible seating if you require this accommodation.

Each aisle in the theatre is wide enough to accommodate those utilizing canes, walkers, and other mobility aids, and CMC ushers and staff are available to store these items during performances for your convenience.


If you will be attending a performance with a service animal, please inform the Box Office when purchasing your tickets so that we may discuss your preferred seating location. 



Upon request, CMC can provide large print performance programs. CMC ushers and staff are available to read all printed materials, and CMC signage also includes Braille to assist patrons in identifying areas of the facility. All emergency notification equipment features audio and visual warnings. Within the theatre, stairs to seating feature reflective tape, and the ends of each row have lights that remain on during the performance to help identify exits.



For performances and special events using the CMC sound system, CMC offers assistive listening devices upon request. All emergency notification equipment features audio and visual warnings, and the house lights illuminate to further warn guests. With advance request, CMC can provide a sign language interpreter.

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