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Charles T "Chuck" Mathena II Foundation, INC.

The Charles T. “Chuck” Mathena II Foundation was established as the result of a great tragedy. After the untimely passing of Chuck Mathena in 1992, the foundation was formed to aid educational and extra-curricular opportunities for the students of Mercer County, West Virginia. To date, deserving students have received nearly $300,000 in scholarship funds, enabling them to pursue their educational interests. Over the years, the foundation expanded to oversee the construction and operation of the Chuck Mathena Center, while maintaining an active scholarship program.

The Charles T. “Chuck” Mathena II Foundation Board of Governors include:

Charles & Marquetta Mathena

Richard L. Davis

Kenneth Reeves

Santina St. John

Earnest “Buddy” Tolley

Thomas Lilly

Robert Schumacher—Director Emeritus

Barbara “Bobbie” Clemson—Director Emeritus

Dr. Sherri Ross

Dr. Kendra Boggess

Earl Goodwin

Dr. Susan Robinett

Judge John Frazier

John Mendez—Director Emeritus

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